About Marquee Digital

In March of 2021, theatres around the world were just beginning to come back to life. Having been forced to close their doors for over a year, many were facing significant losses in revenue, general uncertainty among audience members, and the unprecedented hurdle of producing intimate gatherings of people while maintaining social distance. 

Despite these challenges, there was a renewed sense of optimism in the industry. A year of major disruption had forced a very traditional industry to discover new ways to connect with audiences and generate revenue, from digital productions to outdoor performances. Many theatres had created new ways to collaborate and work together, forging partnerships and sharing resources to help each other through challenging times. Theatres and theatre professionals across the globe had begun to look at the pandemic as an opportunity to reimagine what theatre could be, and to explore new ways to connect with audiences and to tell stories that are relevant and impactful. On a stoop in Harlem, the idea for Marquee Digital was born. 

A QR-code activated digital program seemed like a simple solution to a contemporary problem theatres were facing–how to eliminate touch points between patrons and theatre staff. And yet, as the co-founders of Marquee Digital began unwinding the knot of this idea, they discovered a host of untapped opportunities that had been previously unaddressed:

Cost reduction through eliminating paper products
Waste reduction through eliminating paper products
Program accessibility previously unavailable through paper
Hybrid program experience for a hybrid live/virtual attendees
Supercharged engagement and audience analytics through digital connectivity
Cross-functional use cases in theatre, opera, dance, art, film, awards shows, conferences, galas, and beyond

Today, Marquee Digital offers a range of digital programs for live events of all sizes and budgets, with clients ranging from traditional theatrical producers to presenters of art fairs, fundraisers, conferences, livestreamed concerts and more. The Marquee’s sleek design can be customized to fit the needs of each event, incorporating multimedia elements such as video interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and interactive links to related content. Through the connectivity of social media, attendees of Marquee events can connect not only with the event itself, but with the artists, speakers, and causes these events espouse.

After more than a year of isolation and social distancing, the triumphant return of live events served as a reminder of the importance of community and connection. The Marquee strives to be the premier digital extension of these very ideals, projecting us forward into a future of unparalleled live-digital experience.

The Team

Carlyn Connolly


Carlyn Connolly is a NYC-based performer, voice actor, producer, and entrepreneur. She began to hone her unconventional tech background as a researcher and content creator for Tech Dojo in 2020, and has since delved into projects centering on regenerative agriculture, climate, crypto, Web3, and beyond. Carlyn is a firm believer in the power of the arts to affect change in the world, and seeks to empower the arts and arts organizations to broaden their reach and amplify their voices in pursuit of social justice, environmental integrity, and the exploration of the human condition.

Joe Chisholm


Joe Chisholm is a NYC-based performer, web designer, and entrepreneur. After teaching himself to code, Joe launched his web design company, Chisholm Designs, in 2011. With clients ranging from Fortune 500 companies to startups, world-renowned doctors, and award-winning Broadway shows, designers, and performers, Joe is known for his intuitive designs, clever dynamism, and an acute ability to capture and distill his clients’ essence into concise and compelling web content. Joe has been seen in multiple Off-Broadway plays and on stages and cruise ships around the world.



Islay the Goldendoodle is a NYC-based yodeler, tentative cuddler, and unpaid intern. Present at the inception of Marquee Digital, Islay continues to make her opinions known on a daily basis, leaving her pawprint on every major decision made inside Marquee HQ.